To be honest, these aren’t ALL frequently asked questions – it’s just a good way for us to let you know a little more about what we do. So, without further ado, our semi-fake question and answer section!

Q: What’s your style?
A: We want to capture your day and your love as naturally, creatively, and artistically as possible. We handcraft each piece to be unique while still having our Quixotic touch – which is basically showing you having the time of your life! Every shot will not be a slider shot. We will not pose you awkwardly and run around you with a steadicam. We direct sparingly when needed, but for the most part we just capture you being yourselves and we feel that the authenticity shows in our films!

Q: Who are your ideal clients?
A: Wow, I am so glad you asked! Basically we are looking for couples who are excited about having a really amazing wedding film and have chosen us because they love our work!

Q: Do you have any reviews from past couples?
A: Yep – they are all available on our Yelp Page!

Q: Can we pay extra to receive the raw footage of the entire day?
A: Pay extra for your footage? Absolutely not – we would never charge for that! It comes with every package and is delivered on an external hard drive that is both PC and Mac friendly. It just doesn’t make sense to hold it hostage in an attempt to sell it to you. We filmed the day, we have the footage and you are welcome to it!

Q: That’s great! So I should just go with the smallest package since I will have all of the footage?
A: That is definitely an option, but please keep in mind that it is raw footage. What is raw footage like you ask? Well it is de-saturated, it will have less contrast and will be a little less sharp than the finished product because that is how we get the best image in post-production. Also, it will be hundreds and hundreds of separate clips, there will be uneven audio levels, a range of exposures, shaky camera movements, etc. What you are hiring us to do is to transform the raw footage with all of its “flaws” into a beautifully cinematic piece. With that said, if you know what to expect with raw footage, it can be amazing to see all of the random moments captured throughout the day!

Q: How long will you hold onto our raw footage and video?
A: We guarantee to hold onto all raw footage for six months after your wedding date and we will hold onto your wedding film(s) for at least one year – chances are, we’ll have them backed up for many years to come.

Q: Who picks the music?
A: Since all of our films go online, we pay to license music (at no additional charge to you) and we will work with you to find just the right song(s). With that said, some couples opt to let us choose the music so that they can be surprised – – trusting that we have gotten to know them well enough to make the perfect choice!

Q: So I can’t choose any song I like?
A: Not all artists license their music this way. The upside is that your video will have a more unique piece of music that will not get overplayed on the radio in two months. Also, more and more websites (facebook, youtube, etc) now scan for copyrighted music and will delete videos if you have not licensed the song. So to avoid not being able share your video freely, as well as any possible legal entanglements, we always license music for your video(s).

Q: How long until I get my video?
A: Currently our contract states 120 days but it may be ready much sooner. We just want to allow ourselves enough leeway so that we never have to rush an edit. After all, what truly matters is quality, and quality takes time – – a lot of time! Luckily we love what we do!!

Q: Are you willing to travel?